Private Dining

Enjoy an extraordinary culinary experience with our Italian chef! An intimate, star-level dinner with loved ones, a business meeting or a special celebration, our exclusive Private Dining option offers you an intimate and personalized setting to enjoy delicious food and outstanding service!
What to expect:
👨‍🍳 A specially composed menu that is tailored to your taste and preferences.
🍽️ At home or in a beautifully decorated private space where you can enjoy your company in peace.
🥂 Personal attention from the professional team, which ensures that your culinary experience is perfect.
🌟 Exclusive and refined dishes, prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients.
🍷 With a matching wine arrangement, put together by an experienced sommelier for a culinary match made in heaven.
The Private Dining service is tailor-made for your special occasion. Contact BCS today to discuss your requirements and plan an unforgettable dinner!

“We provide a personal touch for busy lifestyles”